Barkers Diamond in the Ruff

* $60.00 +

Full Groom

  • Consultation with owner on style and other options available.

  • Dogs coat checked over before bathing.

  • Two full shampoos, one to remove surface dirt, second wash is a deep clean to give that coat a lovely healthy shine.

  • After having excess water removed, your dog has the air dryer to blow out loose fur and to prepare for grooming.

  • Coat groomed to owners instructions.

  • Ears are cleaned.

  • Around eyes are cleaned (if instructed by owner).

  • A "Paw-some Pedicure" given.

  • Session ends with a soothing massage to relax your dog after the stress of being groomed.

  • FREE Bandana put on.

  • Pats and cuddles handed out followed by a treat for being such a "Good Dog"

* Price depends on size of dog and condition of coat.

Short Bark & Sides


Mini Groom - perfect for inbetween grooms

  • Our double wash bath.

  • Dried and hair blown out.

  • Hair around eyes trimmed.

  • Bottoms tidied up for ease of maintenance.

  • "Paw-some Pedicure".

  • FREE Bandana put on.

  • Coats sprayed with a scented mist.

Suds & Bone Dry


Wash & Blow Dry

  • Dogs coat checked before bathing.

  • Two full shampoos, one to remove surface dirt and one for a deep clean to give that coat a lovely healthy shine.

  • Excess water removed and an air dryer to blow out loose fur and leave them lovely and fluffy.

  • Session finished with a scented mist spray, cuddles and the all important treat!

Rolling in the Suds


Bath Only

  • Perfect for Big Dogs who aren't used to the dryer.

  • Double Shampoo, one to remove surface dirt, the second is a deep clean to give the coat a healthy shine.

  • Towel Dry.

  • Scented Mist.

  • Cuddles and a Treat to end.

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Hydrating Conditioning Mask

  • A great extra to add on to any of our shampoo Spa Treatments.

  • A deep conditioning mask is applied after the shampoo Spa Treatment is finished.

  • The conditioner is left to hydrate and sooth the skin while your dog enjoys an all over body massage to get the full benefit of the treatment.

  • A fantastic treatment if your dog has been busy outside in the elements or if your dog suffers from dry, itchy or irritated skin.

Barkers Bandana


Add the Monthly Limited Release Bandana to your Spa Treatment.

(This Bandana is free with Diamond in the Ruff and Short Bark & Sides Spa Treatments.)

My Fur-st Puppy Pamper


Puppy Grooming Desensitising (Up to 5 months old)

Puppies come and have a look around the salon. We use tools of the trade around them, without actually doing anything to them. Useful for all breeds but especially on breeds that will require grooming as they get older.
This makes it a much easier job for a groomer, a vet or even yourself as your puppy grows.

Your puppy will receive:

  • a warm soapy bath to get used to running water, soap bubbles, water pooling at feet, splashes and someone handling   them.

  • Full attention on them while the dryer runs in the room near them so that they get used to the noise. Next session the dryer may be blown on them as we distract them from whats really happening.

  • The comb will be rubbed over them so they can feel the vibrations as we play with them and while they receive lots of pats and cuddles. The cutting comb will become second nature to them as they get used to it.

  • We will touch around their faces, rubbing ears, pick up their little flurry paws and play with them, lift their tails and touch around their back legs, put a toothbrush in their mouth so they get used to the sensations that all this brings. 

  • And don't forget the treat!

We recommend you continue to handle your puppy at home so they are used to you touching them. It is never too young to start. Your groomer and vet will thank you for it!

Paw-some Pedicure

* $15.00


  • A nail trim.   * (discount for regular trims)

  • Deluxe conditioning moisture treatment for your dogs pads.

  • Foot massage to relax.

  • Cuddles and a treat!

Fang-tastic Teeth

$15.00 + free dental stick

Teeth Brushing

  • We scrub your dogs teeth with a fresh toothbrush.

  • Cuddles are given, plus a treat for allowing us in their mouth.


(We recommend you brush your dogs teeth at home in between times. A vet visit is the best place to have a full dental work up.)

Life's an Itch


Flea Treatment Combo *

  • A quality flea shampooing will be given to ease itching and to help rid the coat of any fleas.

  • An oral flea pill will be given.

  • Cuddles and treats will be handed out (only to the dog, not his hitch hikers).

*  A flea treatment combo will be given to your dog if they have found to have fleas in their coats. This will be added as an extra cost to any other grooming session they are currently booked in for. We will not continue to give a full groom to any dog who has fleas to protect equipment and our salon. Your dog is more than welcome to come back once their fleas have fled.

** If you know your dog has fleas, please tell staff before you bring your dog so we can work around it. We have to protect any dogs we have coming to the salon.

*** You are more than welcome to chose this service as a flea prevention regime. December/January is the best time to protect against fleas.

Clean Around the Collar

$2.00 with any Spa Treatment

The collar gets groomed too!

While your dog is getting their pamper session, we clean your dogs collar as well. No more putting a dirty smelly collar back on a fresh clean dog.
Your dog will be sent home with a disposable collar on (covered by their new collectible bandana) until your collar is dry enough to put back on your dog.


  • Collar coated in a natural cleaning product and left to dissolve grime and rid of smells.

  • Collar is then soaked in a cleaning solution while your dog is being pampered.

  • An all over scrub is given to the collar to remove all cleaning products and the grime to go with it.

  • Collar is rinsed thoroughly and left to dry so you can take it home to put on your dog later.

Pooch Pickup

$15 each way

We will come pick up your dog for their grooming session

  • Chauffeured pick up service to your door.

  • Dogs can be crated or safety belted in for the drive.

  • Pick up service is only for customers within the Ashburton and Tinwald town limits.

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