Doggy Daycare & Kennels

We cater for all dogs, from small puppies to our old faithfuls. Please speak to a staff member who can help you on the best choice for your dog on play and overnight stays.

Doggy Daycare

Daycare operates Monday to Friday. Dogs can come for a half or a full day and play the day away.

Tuesday & Thursday - These days are for our quieter dogs, we have medium to large dogs come, but its not so rough and tumbly as our other days.

We have someone on site all day to watch the dogs and make sure no one gets too "playful".

We have an on site swimming pool to cool off on hot days and plenty of shelters for dogs to sit in and watch the rain on the bad days. On any day the large saw dust pit under the trees is always a winner.

There's a bridge and tunnels to play on, in, under and over, ropes and sticks galore to play with and entice friends to join in the play.

By the time your pup goes home they will be happy and exhausted after their fun filled day at Doggy Daycare.


Check out our Facebook page that is updated daily with our dogs having fun! We also updated the Facebook page if for any reason we close for the day. eg. weather conditions.


*** We can do Daycare on weekends and holidays by request, however we are not open for normal Daycare on these days.


Our kennel dogs get all the same fun as our Daycare Dogs do.


After a whole days play, they head off to bed happy and very tired.

We change our kennels around to suit the season/weather. In winter we get out the heated kennels so the dogs can stay snuggly all night plus on those extra cold night, we have heating pads that we add to the kennels that will keep them toasty warm for up to 14hrs. But in summer we remove the kennels from the runs and everyone gets a soft bed to sleep on under shelter in their lovely big run.

Our little doggy friends are crated indoors in the heated office at night all year around.

All runs are half covered and half uncovered so that they can relax under cover or outside if they wish.


Apart from being in their run for the night, the rest of the time they are free to play all day. No more being cooped up all day with a 30min run, not at The Dog House., we let everyone run free.
We monitor each dog and for dogs that are getting grumpy due to too much fun, they get a time out in their kennel run to grab a few extra hours of nap time.

We cater to short (1-2 days/weekend) stays and long (2-6 weeks) stays and everything in between.


Please bring a blanket with their smell on it or if you wish, you can bring their whole bed. There is plenty of room in their runs to house any size bed, in winter we can add our heat packs under their blankets to keep them toasty warm and for short stays, please bring their own food. This stops stomach upsets from changing diet.

Because we are a small kennels, we fill up fast, so book early especially for any holiday period.

Accidents Can Happen

Having a group of dogs together playing all day can result in small injuries occurring.

Nipped ears, ripped toenails, conjunctivitis, strains, fleas and kennel cough are all common things we see here.

We do our best to prevent as much as we can but accidents can, and will happen. You can help by ensuring all vaccinations are current and kennel cough up to date, plus a flea and worm treatment program.
All staff are calm and factual about all accidents. We will deal with the dogs injuries and if need be, we will contact your vet if further treatment is required.