About us

Welcome to The Dog House.

We offer a home away from home for your dog. All day there are dogs to play with and a human hanging around to show off for.

We are a small kennels and we want dogs that want to come for fun, not be stuck in a kennel all day waiting for their 30 minutes worth of exercise.

Although we prefer dogs that get on with everyone (so that everyone gets the most out of being here), we do have separate areas for 1 or 2 dogs to hang out together.

We have areas for the little dogs and the big dogs if we need to split them. Both areas have plenty of running around space.

We have a huge sawdust pit for the dogs to play in, it rubs off furry coats nice and easy and is lovely and warm to sleep in on the winter days.

We have sleeping platforms to soak up the rays,  the tunnel and hill for running through and over ,the pool for cooling off and splashing in.

We have separate areas for time out or just to have a break or if your dog isn't a dog friendly type of guy. (although we do prefer that your dog is dog-friendly)

Its just like playing in your own backyard but with friends!









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